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SNLP for 23-24

The School Nurse Liaison Project is continuing. With a few structural and financial changes, it will continue to offer services to ALL MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOLS! (no more tedious enrollment process; just dive on in)

No, we didn’t get into the state budget this year, but our supporters in the legislature are encouraging us to continue to pursue that. Meanwhile, we will be able to continue through a combination of speaker’s fees, donations, and volunteerism.

Here are the key changes:

No more newsletter. But we have the website, and we have this Blog. The goal this year is to get these to be a lot more dynamic and interactive. If you’d like to help develop parts of the website or write for the blog, let me know. I will write whenever ideas manage to coincide with time to do so. Of course, if there’s more discussion happening, that would be WONDERFUL! So, please comment on posts. If you have a question that could be addressed on the blog, email me or ask it on the blog. It is hard to find time to write when there’s no salary; it’s impossible when there’s no sense that anyone is even reading it. So the more you respond, the more there will be to respond to.

Presentations will continue! Live, Zoom, or hybrid. The speaker’s fee had to increase (to $500). But we have a PD Scholarship Fund to help the schools that can’t manage that, and you can earmark donations to a specific school or district, if you want to do a fund drive for your school to have PD. You can even download a QR Code to use for that.

Consultations will continue! Any school staff can call, email, or schedule a meeting to work through whatever you are struggling with. No more enrollment forms; if you’re a school staff person who needs help, just call. This service is supported by the delightfully unironically named Misanthropic Fund. So spread the word, or print and post the CONTACT INFO CARDS.

So it sounds like the whole program is still here, right? Well, yes and no… If schools schedule Professional Development, and staff call for Consults, and people read and join in discussions on the Blog, then the program will continue to grow, and the state will recognize that it is a vital support and fund it. And that’s where all of you come in. Schools need to know these services are available, and without funding, there’s no support for doing the necessary Outreach. We are developing an organized network for communication/announcements, outreach/advertising, and communicating with legislators. If you’d like to be part of that, let us know. There's a Volunteers Meeting 9/20 at 7 pm on Zoom if you'd like to hear more, or have volunteered and want to meet the other volunteers. The link to join is on the CALENDAR, and also RIGHT HERE.

But even if you can’t volunteer, just help spread the word. Tell your colleagues that these services are here, encourage your school to schedule PD, and join in the discussion on the Blog. If anyone wants to learn more about SNLP, or just wants to drop in and chat, there are two monthly Zoom Meetings for that – every 2nd Tuesday at 7pm, and every 1st Friday at 9am. The link to join is on the CALENDAR, and also RIGHT HERE. I hope to see people!


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