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Here's the situation:

SNLP hoped to re-establish state funding for the 23-24 school year, but was unable to do so. That means we remain dependent on speakers fees and donations -- and I can no longer afford to basically work for free. So if we don't get donations, the program will end.

I'm looking at how to make donations more tangibly related to services, and have revamped the Donation page to enable people to specify whether their donation should help schools afford PD, or to sponsor consultation calls, or to keep the Website up. That one's the smallest, and the most immediate, because if I don' t have $500 by July for the annual service fee, it's gone. If every person who ever said these services are important sent in just $10, there would plenty to keep the website going, and sponsor a LOT of consult calls.

Should school staff have to donate money to maintain access to support for how to manage the mental health crisis their schools are struggling with? Of course not. Just like you shouldn't have to buy supplies for your classrooms. And I shouldn't have to bankrupt my family working for free, or spend time begging for money (an activity which is excruciatingly painful for me to do, which is why I haven't been more pushy all year, and why it's taken so long for me to write and post this). But until we convince the legislature that this program is worthwhile, there is no other option.

So, please, go to the donation page and give anything you can. And tell others to do so. Maybe your PTA would like to do a fundraiser. Left over grant money? I can invoice it to a PD for next year if you need that. And if you can come to the Zoom Meeting this Thursday to discuss options, that would be great. (It's at 6 pm on 6/15, and here is the link to log in:

If you can't attend, there's a survey to share your ideas:

I know you are all very busy, which is why I've avoided asking for volunteers to help -- after all, I'm supposed to be here to help YOU. But I do need help, pretty desperately. Without people other than me pitching in with time and/or money, this program will end this summer.

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Julie Love
Julie Love
Jun 13, 2023


We might have a donor for the website. And another to at least start a pool to fund Consult Calls.

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