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How to Help SNLP

A lot of people have reached out to me, asking what they can do to help SNLP survive and thrive. Having done this by myself for so long, it’s really hard to delegate. But there are some things that I simply can’t do, and others that could go faster with more hands. So, let me know if you could help with any of these. Each can be as small or as large a task as you like.

Details for how to do each of these will be in its own blog post, so that people can use comments to coordinate and avoid duplication.

EMAIL FORWARDING – Simplest, yet most helpful

OUTREACH RESEARCH – Best help for the future of the program

COPYRIGHT RESEARCH – Most fun (honest!)

PROMOTING DONATIONS – Hardest to ask for, arguably most needed


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1 comentário

Julie Love
Julie Love
20 de dez. de 2022

Don't need the Outreach assistance -- someone showed me the magic of the DESE personnel search engine. Yippee!

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