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Ringing Phone

Confidential Consultation

Programs and presentations are great, but sometimes you need support for a specific problem or have a question, and can't wait.  That's when having a School Nurse Liaison available by phone and email is a lifeline.  This is a service supporting school staff, and you never give the Liaison any identifying information about the student, so it is completely confidential.  

What can you call about? 

Anything - behavior plans, how to discuss sensitive issues with staff or family members, information about medications or services...  If you're not sure if your question fits, call to ask!

Who can call? 

Any school staff person.  Please ensure that you have also discussed the situation with relevant staff in your school, including the school nurse.  We don't want to undermine communication or  collaboration.

Consult Process Directions

Step 1

 School staff calls the Nurse Liaison at (508) 261-4042, or email. You can also text, bearing in mind that texts at times do not go through immediately.

Step 2

If transferred to voicemail, please leave a message!  And do not be shy about calling again later – you know when your office is relatively free of interruptions; I don’t.  Be sure to leave your name, school, and call back number.  If possible, also mention how urgently you need to hear back.

Step 3

The Nurse Liaison will try to call back immediately, but at times return calls back may be delayed 30 minutes or more. Emails should receive a response within three hours.

Step 4

Nurse Liaison assists the caller with recommendations for staff.  Confidentiality is maintained by NEVER sharing the child’s name – only age and gender.  The Nurse Liaison is assisting staff, not treating the child.

Step 5

Nurse Liaison sends additional resources when applicable, and welcomes any follow up questions.

NOTE: Step 1 is to go ahead and call – there is no need to contact me to schedule, unless you are trying to gather a team/group call.  If you want or need to schedule a time in advance  

How is this funded?

Fifty hours of consultation services are supported by a generous grant from the Misanthropic Fund. 

Please donate to ensure these vital Consultation Services remain available!

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