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Schools in Massachusetts are required to screen all students for Substance Use issues, using the SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Refer to Treatment) model and Motivational Interviewing.  The implementation of SBIRT includes an extensive training specific to that program -- this is NOT that training, and cannot be used to substitute for it.  This program is for staff who would like additional understanding of substance use among youth, how to effectively address this issue, and the technique of Motivational Interviewing in helping people move towards healthier behavior choices in all aspects of their lives. This presentation will help nurses, counselors, and other school staff understand:

  • The neurochemical process leading to addiction

  • The specific attributes of adolescent brains which make them more vulnerable to illicit substances

  • The principles and process of motivational interviewing as a means of opening dialogue and encouraging people towards healthy changes in their lives.

During the '22-'23 school year we must charge a $200 speaker’s fee.  Scholarships may be available.  Your support for state funding will help us return to offering presentations at no charge.​

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