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The majority of mental illnesses begin before the age of twenty-five, yet most people go ten years or more before seeking treatment.  People with mental illness tend to have life expectancies 10-15 years shorter than those without mental illness, with deaths due to the same medical issues (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.).  Children with mental illness have lower academic performance and higher dropout rates.  While the mental illness itself naturally has an impact, much of these problems are due more to the stigma surrounding mental illness.  This presentation will help nurses, counselors, and other school staff learn to:

  • Understand the impact and negative consequences of stigma

  • Recognize the subtle signs of it in themselves and our society

  • Work to counteract these negative messages and promote improved mental health.

During the '22-'23 school year we must charge a $200 speaker’s fee.  Scholarships may be available.  Your support for state funding will help us return to offering presentations at no charge.​

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