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Reading Materials

Here you can find a growing collection of articles, essays, curricula, and even entire books.  

Click on the title to read or download it.

Check back often, as I will be adding items!

How do I Find a Therapist?
Julie's essay, to share with families

Image by Eddie Kopp

Bullying & Suicide
10 pg booklet from the CDC.

Image by Meg

Schools in Transition
Excellent ACLU book  regarding trans students (68 pg).

Image by Charlotte Knight

I Don't Know What to Say
Julie's essay on how to support someone who is grieving.

Supportive Friend

List of NAMI Chapters
Excellent organization supporting people and families

Supportive Friend

List of PPAL
Parent Groups

Another excellent organization supporting people and families

All Gender Restroom Sign

Peeing in Peace
Guide for navigating the issues around trans people accessing bathrooms (48 pg).

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