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It is clear that bias based on race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and gender have a significant impact in many areas of society – access to employment, health care, housing, financial services, and justice, to name just a few.  Nevertheless, it is common to hear people express the belief that these are problems “other people” have.  How does the long history of prejudice continue to affect current experiences?  And what is the impact of living in a society with such disparate views about whether such experiences even exist on the educational experience and mental health of children?  This Webinar will help school staff:

  • understand “implicit bias” as a psychological phenomenon, rather than a societal debate.

  • recognize evidence of discrimination in various aspects of daily life

  • understand the psychological impact of experiencing and witnessing racism

  • appreciate the effect of prejudice on academic performance, and steps which can help mitigate it

During the '22-'23 school year we must charge a $200 speaker’s fee.  Scholarships may be available.  Your support for state funding will help us return to offering presentations at no charge.​

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