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   Unfortunately, SNLP did not get state funding, so for the 23-24 school year we must charge a Speaker's Fee of $500.
   Scholarships may be available; email Julie to ask.
   If you want to run a fund drive, we can provide a QR code for easy online donations, earmarked for your school.

You can schedule for the 24-25 school year if you like...
   * if we secure funding, the PD next year will be free.
   * if we don't secure funding, and you can't afford the speaker's fee, you can simply cancel.
   * if you have grant money to spend down this year, but no available PD time until next year, we can invoice a future presentation this year.


Presentations are all 90 min to two hours in length.  They can be extended or shortened if needed.


Unfortunately, SNLP cannot confer PDP or CEU credits at this time. 
If we secure ongoing funding, we will work to regain authority for these credits. 

Please let your legislators know that you would like them to include SNLP in the next budget, so that we can return to offering Professional Development, including PDP and CEU credits, for free.

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