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Managing Extreme Disruptive Behavior - title - circle.jpg

When children become overwhelmed by negative emotions, they sometimes express their distress by acting out – running, yelling, damaging property, or becoming aggressive towards themselves and/or others.  These situations can range from being distracting to dangerous.  This presentation will help nurses, counselors, and other school staff to:

  • Understand the psychological and emotional vulnerabilities which can lead to a child becoming severely dysregulated

  • Recognize the early indications of distress and adjust their actions to prevent or minimize the reaction

  • Safely de-escalate a child who has become destructive or aggressive

  • Assist the child and staff in developing an increased awareness of the triggers and coping skills, to reduce recurrence and promote self-regulation

During the '22-'23 school year we must charge a $200 speaker’s fee.  Scholarships may be available.  Your support for state funding will help us return to offering presentations at no charge.​

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