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We don’t realize that managing strong emotions is a skill, not an inherent trait, and needs to be taught.  This presentation will help nurses, counselors, and other school staff learn how to:

  • Help children learn to recognize their internal states

  • Practice behaviors which can modulate their energy level and emotions, and then

  • Develop a plan to use these new skills to better self-regulate in order to improve their ability to stay in class

The live version of this program includes hands-on examples of items to include in a Sensory Toolbox, as well as an opportunity to make some.  If you wish to include this activity, please try to schedule 2 hours for it.

During the '22-'23 school year we must charge a $200 speaker’s fee.  Scholarships may be available.  Your support for state funding will help us return to offering presentations at no charge.​

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Instructions for making your own sensory tools.

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