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What is the School Nurse Liaison Project?

It is a program which offers support, consultation, and education around issues of mental health in schools.

What services does it offer?

  • Consultation – access (via email or phone) to an experienced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner any time you have a question or could just use another viewpoint on a situation.

  • Education –Professional Development presentations / webinars focused on the specific issues faced by school staff.

  • Resources – Someone who can find and quickly send you materials to support you in providing care and education about mental health issues.


What is the cost for this program?

This program is funded by donations and speaker’s fees.  We hope to re-establish state-funding and offer services free of cost to the schools. 

What do schools call about?

A wide variety of questions – from help in understanding a child’s psychiatric medications, to suggestions for developing a behavior plan, to strategizing for an upcoming Team Meeting.  If you aren’t sure if your question fits, call and ask!

Can only School Nurses access these services?

It is important for the school nurse to be involved in behavioral health issues, but we work with all the relevant school staff.  The presentations have been attended by nurses, counselors, school psychologists, teachers, and administrators.  Phone consultations have even included the entire team, on speaker phone.

But if we already have a strong Guidance Department, what is the use of SNLP?

There are often situations which can benefit from the fresh perspective of a consultant who is focused on supportive collaboration with the school staff.  Many schools primarily utilize the educational opportunities, but they all appreciate knowing that there is someone they can call, if they ever need to.

Which schools are eligible?

Any Massachusetts school or district – public, private, charter, or vocational – is welcome to sign up.  The program currently employs a single Nurse Practitioner who is based in southeastern MA, so distance may limit the ability to offer in-person services somewhat.  As the program grows, additional staff will be located across the state, to promote equal access.


What about schools in other states? 

While SNLP services are focused on serving schools in MA, we are very interested in collaborating with schools across the country and abroad.  Feel free to make use of the materials on this site, and join us for online activities. We are also working with several states to help them develop similar programs.  If you are interested in hearing more about replicating this model, please contact us!

For further information, contact Julie Love at 508-261-4042, or email 

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